OAR 340-051-0030
Advisory Committee


At the request of the animal industry, provision is made for a 13-person committee to serve in an advisory capacity to the Department on problems related to the location, construction, operation and maintenance of confined animal feeding operations. The advisory committee will include one member each from:


Oregon Horsemen’s Association.


Oregon Dairymen’s Association.


Oregon Sheep Growers Association.


Oregon Purebred Swine Growers Association.


Oregon State Fur Breeders Association.


Oregon State Department of Agriculture.


Department of Animal Science, Oregon State University.


Western Oregon Livestock Association and divisional representation from:


Oregon Cattlemen’s Association (Producer representative and feeder representative);


Oregon Poultry Council (Oregon Turkey Improvement Association representative, Oregon Poultry Growers Association and Oregon Broiler Growers Association representatives).


Each member will be appointed by the presiding officer of the organization the member represents and will serve at the pleasure of the organization. The Department shall not be liable for any of the expenses of the advisory committee or its individual members.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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