OAR 340-098-0100
Revenue Need


Revenue need. The revenue need for the fiscal year beginning:


July 1, 2012 is $415,000;


July 1, 2013 is $435,000;


July 1, 2014 is $435,000; and


July 1, 2015 and for subsequent fiscal years is $465,000.


Revenue need adjustments.


If the revenue collected from registration fees under OAR 340-098-0150 (Registration Fees) exceeds DEQ’s actual costs for the program, DEQ will reduce the revenue need by the excess amount in a subsequent year. DEQ will also evaluate whether to revise the revenue need for future years to ensure that revenue need approximately matches DEQ’s projected costs for implementing ORS 459A.305 (Definitions for ORS 459A.305 to 459A.355) to 459A.355 (Covered Electronic Devices Account), excluding costs incurred under ORS 459A.340 (Duties of department)(4).


If DEQ has been unable to collect revenue from registration fees owed for a prior year, DEQ may add the amount of uncollected revenue to the revenue need in a subsequent year as necessary to ensure that revenue approximately matches DEQ’s projected costs as described in subsection (a). DEQ will make good faith efforts to collect registration fees owed.


Reporting. Each fiscal year DEQ will report its current and projected program expenditures and revenue.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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