OAR 340-110-0003


The definitions of the following sections are added to 40 CFR 761.3.


The definitions of OAR 340-100-0010 (Definitions).


For the purpose of this Division:


“Agency’s Regional Administrator in the EPA Region in Which the PCBs are Located” means the Department;


“Agency” means the Department;


“Approve” means permit;


“Approved” means permitted;


“Approval” means permit;


“Assistant Administrator for Pesticides and Toxic Substances” means the Department;


“Appropriate Regional Administrator” means the Department;


“Chemical Waste Landfill” means PCB landfill;


“Environmental Protection Agency” and “EPA” means the Department;


“Initial Report” means application;


“Receive Written Approval” means obtain a permit;


“Regional Administrator” means the Department.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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