OAR 340-113-0020

The definitions of terms contained in this rule modify, or are in addition to, the definitions contained in 40 CFR 273.9, 40 CFR 260.10, and OAR 340-100-0010 (Definitions). When used in Divisions 109 and 113 of this chapter, the following terms have the meanings below:


“Destination Facility” means a facility that treats, disposes of, or recycles universal waste. Facilities treating universal waste as allowed under 40 CFR 273.13 and 273.33 are not considered to be destination facilities for purposes of this rule. A facility at which universal waste is only accumulated, is not a destination facility for purposes of managing universal waste.


“Off-site Collection Site” means a site that receives and accumulates universal waste from off-site.


“Pesticide Collection Program” means a pesticide collection program that has notified the Department of activity as required in OAR 340-113-0070 (Pesticide Collection Programs) and has received acknowledgment from the Department of Environmental Quality that such notification information is complete.


“Universal Waste” means any waste that is a universal waste listed in 40 CFR 273.1 and subject to the universal waste requirements of 40 CFR Part 273 and OAR 340 division 113.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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