OAR 340-124-0080
Enrolled Inactive Site List


The opportunity to be listed is limited to inactive dry cleaning facilities eligible to receive funding from the Account as of December 31, 2001.


To be eligible to receive funding from the Dry Cleaner Environmental Response Account, the current or former owner or former operator of an inactive dry cleaning facility or its representative must submit a completed Listing Application Form as provided by the Department.


For facilities that became inactive before December 31, 2001, an application for listing must be submitted on or before January 1, 2003.


For facilities that become inactive after January 1, 2002, an application for listing must be submitted within 180 days of becoming an inactive dry cleaning facility.


The Listing Application Form shall include the following information:


Dry cleaning facility name, address, contact person, telephone number and date facility began dry cleaning operations,


Dry cleaner operator information, including name, mailing address, contact person, phone number;


Information pertaining to the owner of the underlying real property, including owner name, mailing address, contact person, phone number;


Evidence that the dry cleaner operator operated the inactive facility listed on the application (e.g. local business license, receipts from dry cleaning supplies, tax returns, contracts, insurance policies); and


Any other information the Department may request.


An application is not complete and the Department shall reject any application in any of the following circumstances:


Applicant fails to provide information required by subsection 3 of this section;


Applicant falsified any information in its application that was material to the determination of the eligibility of the facility, priority ranking, nature, scope and extent of contamination to be assessed or remediated, or the appropriate means to contain and remediate the contaminants.


The $250 application fee is not paid.


Fees established in Section 16 of 2002 Oregon Laws chapter 495 shall be paid to maintain funding eligibility on an enrolled inactive facility until DEQ has issued a determination that no further action is necessary to remediate the site. The applicant may extend funding eligibility on an enrolled inactive dry cleaning facility after the no further action determination by continuing to pay the applicable annual fee.

Source: Rule 340-124-0080 — Enrolled Inactive Site List, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=340-124-0080.

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