OAR 340-142-0040
Required Reporting


Reporting is required if the amount of oil or hazardous material spilled or released, or threatening to spill or release, exceeds the reportable quantity established in ORS 466.605 (Definitions for ORS 466.605 to 466.680) or listed in OAR 340-142-0050 (Reportable Quantities), or will exceed a reportable quantity in any 24-hour period. Immediately report the spill or release or threatened spill or release to the Oregon Emergency Management Division’s Oregon Emergency Response System (OERS) by calling 1-800-452-0311.


No present release of material is needed to qualify as a threatened spill or release. Threatened spills or releases of oil or hazardous material likely to escape or be carried into the air or into or on any land or waters of the state include, but are not limited to:


The loss of steering or propulsion by a deep draft vessel while it is operating in the Columbia River or Coastal Bay Zones;


The accidental loss of tow or control during an oil barge transit of the Columbia River or the Coastal Bays Planning Zones;


The grounding, allision, or collision of vessels, vehicles, or rail cars where reportable quantities of materials are involved and are at risk of release;


The physical compromise of a containment system or container holding any oil or hazardous material of an amount that could become a reportable quantity when spilled over less than a 24 hour time period.


Reports of spills and releases, or threats of spills and releases, from vessels, containers or tanks must include an estimate of the actual volume of the contents of the source vessel, container or tank.


The spill or release of hazardous materials for which the reportable quantity has been exceeded need not be reported to the Oregon Emergency Response System if all of the following conditions are met:


It occurs within an engineered containment area with an impervious surface designed to contain such a release;


It does not penetrate any surface of the containment area;


The spilled material does not and will not escape the containment;


It is completely cleaned up in less than 24 hours; and


The cause of the spill or release is repaired.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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