OAR 340-160-0020
General Provisions


A person may not perform or offer to perform UST services without first obtaining a license from the department.


A service provider is prohibited from offering or performing UST services on an UST system defined by OAR 340-150-0010 (Definitions)(84) (except as exempted or deferred by OAR 340-150-0008 (Exemptions and Deferrals)), unless the owner and permittee of the UST system have been issued a general permit registration certificate by the department.


A service provider must:


Comply with this division;


Have proof of current license available when UST services are performed;


Maintain a current address on file with the department; and


Perform UST services in a manner that conforms with all federal and state regulations applicable at the time the services are being performed.


A service provider must submit a checklist on a form provided by the department to the department within 30 days, or as otherwise required for the UST owner and permittee, following the completion of UST services. In addition, the service provider must meet the following requirements:


All checklists must be signed by an executive officer of the service provider and the supervisor of the project; and


An as-built drawing of the completed UST installation or modification must be included with the associated checklist.


A supervisor must be present during UST installation and modification when the following tasks are being performed:


Preparation of the excavation immediately before receiving backfill and placement of the tank into the excavation;


Any movement of the tank, including but not limited to, transferring the tank from the vehicle used to transport it to the project site;


Setting of the tank and its associated piping into the excavation, including placement of any anchoring devices, backfill to the level of the tank and strapping, if any;


Placement and connection of the piping system to the tank;


Installation of cathodic protection;


All pressure testing of the UST system, including associated piping, performed during the installation or modification;


Completion of the backfill and filling of the excavated area around the installed UST;


Preparation for and installation of any tank lining systems; and


UST excavation.


A supervisor must be present during an UST decommissioning when the following tasks are being performed:


UST excavation;


Removal and capping of vent and product lines;


Cleaning the UST and removal of contents;


Tank purging or inerting;


Any movement of the tank, including but not limited to transferring the tank to the vehicle used to transport it from the project site; and


Collection of soil and water samples.


A supervisor must be present during the testing of an UST cathodic protection system.


A supervisor must be present during the tank tightness testing of an UST system performed under OAR 340-150-0445 (Tank Tightness Testing for Release Detection and Investigation).


A service provider must report to the department the existence of any condition relating to an UST system that has or may result in a release to the environment within 72 hours of discovery of the condition.


The requirements of this section are in addition to and not in lieu of any other licensing requirement imposed by law.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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