OAR 340-180-0050
Information Required on the UST Loan Guarantee Certificate Application


The underground storage tank loan guarantee certificate application shall include:


Name, mailing address and telephone number of the applicant;


Name, mailing address and telephone number of the property owner, UST owner, and the permittee;


Signatures of the applicant, the property owner, the UST owner, and the permittee;


UST facility name and location;


UST permit numbers;


Date of the application;


Description of work at the UST facility including:


Description of the work area including a sketch showing, but not limited to, property boundaries, location of structures, location and identification of the underground storage tanks containing an accumulation of motor fuel;


Description of tank upgrade or replacement items and activities, including those items and activities that are not part of a UST system but are required because of construction interference.
NOTE: Work qualifying for the loan guarantee certificate includes:
-1- Modification, replacement, and installation of any portion of the UST system containing motor fuel including replacement of paving and structures located immediately over the UST systems and are required to be removed and replaced due to work on the UST systems.
-2- Replacement of an underground storage tank system with an above ground storage tank system that meets existing state and local codes.
-3- Installation of the underground portion of any required Stage I vapor recovery system or anticipated future Stage II vapor recovery system.
-4- Soil remediation for soil contaminated with motor fuel including replacing excavated soil, paving and structures that are required to be removed during soil remediation.


Total project cost in the form of a bid, estimate, or paid invoices from a licensed UST service provider, identifying those items that qualify for the loan guarantee certification described by these rules.
NOTE: The total project cost will affect the priority for the loan guarantee application and the amount of the guarantee. The Department recommends that the applicant obtain three bids or estimates to identify an accurate total project cost. Where construction is completed prior to applying for a loan guarantee certificate the applicant may document project costs with paid invoices.
A copy of the soil assessment and UST tightness testing Notice of Compliance from the Department; and


The information required to determine the priority category for the facility:




Location of the facility east or west of the summits of the Coast and Cascade mountain ranges;


City and city population as shown in the current Oregon Blue Book, if the facility is located within an incorporated city;


Location of the facility inside or outside of the Portland Metropolitan Service District;


Distance to nearest two facilities that retail motor fuel, in the shortest highway miles;


Gallons of motor fuel throughput during the last 12 months;


Annual gross sales receipts for previous two years for the business conducted at the facility;


Annual revenue receipts for previous two years for any nonprofit or governmental entity; and


Type of business at the facility including SIC code.


The Department shall have access to books, documents, papers and records held by the applicant which are directly pertinent to qualifying for the loan guarantee certificate for the purpose of making audit, examination, excerpts and transcripts. The applicant shall maintain these records for three years after the initial loan date.

Source: Rule 340-180-0050 — Information Required on the UST Loan Guarantee Certificate Application, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=340-180-0050.

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