OAR 340-214-0210
Emission Statements for VOC and NOx Sources: Requirements


Owners or operators of VOC and NOx sources subject to the requirements of OAR 340-214-0200 (Emission Statements for VOC and NOx Sources: Purpose and Applicability) through 340-214-0220 (Emission Statements for VOC and NOx Sources: Submission of Emission Statement) must submit data annually on the average actual emissions during the ozone season to DEQ. These Emission Statements must contain the following information:


Certification that the information contained in the statement is accurate to the best of the certifying individual’s knowledge;


Source identification information: full name, physical location, mailing address of the facility, and permit number; and


Emissions information:


The VOC and NOx actual emissions on an average operating day basis during the preceding year’s ozone season, by source category. For the purpose of this requirement, actual emissions include, but are not limited to routine process emissions, fugitive emissions, excess emissions from maintenance, startups and shutdowns, equipment malfunction, and other activities; and


Each emission factor used and the reference source for the emission factor, if applicable, or an explanation of any other method or procedure used to calculate emissions, e.g., material balance, source test, or continuous monitoring.


Owners or operators of sources subject to these rules must keep at the plant site records of the information used to calculate actual emissions pursuant to these rules. These records must contain all applicable operating data, process rate data, control device efficiency information, and other information used to calculate or estimate actual emissions. The information must be available for DEQ’s review or submitted upon request. Such records must be kept by the owner or operator for three years after the date of the submittal of the emission statement.
NOTE: This rule is included in the State of Oregon Clean Air Act Implementation Plan that EQC adopted under OAR 340-200-0040 (State of Oregon Clean Air Act Implementation Plan).

Source: Rule 340-214-0210 — Emission Statements for VOC and NOx Sources: Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=340-214-0210.

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