OAR 340-218-0150
Administrative Permit Amendments


An “administrative permit amendment” is a permit revision that:


Corrects typographical errors;


Identifies a change in the name, address, or phone number of the responsible official identified in the permit, or provides a similar minor administrative change at the source;


Allows for a change in the name of the permittee;


Allows for a change in ownership or operational control of a source where DEQ determines that no other change in the permit is necessary, provided that a written agreement containing a specific date for transfer of permit responsibility, coverage, and liability between the current and new permittee has been submitted to DEQ;


Requires more frequent monitoring or reporting by the permittee;


Allows for a change in the date for reporting or source testing requirements for a source or emissions unit that is temporarily shut down or would otherwise have to be operated solely for the purposes of conducting the source test, except when required by a compliance schedule;


Relaxes monitoring, reporting or recordkeeping due to a permanent source shutdown for only the emissions unit being shut down; or


Incorporates into the Oregon Title V Operating Permit the requirements from preconstruction review permits authorized under OAR 340 division 224 or OAR 340-210-0205 (Notice of Construction and Approval of Plans: Applicability) through 340-210-0250 (Notice of Construction and Approval of Plans: Approval to Operate), provided that the procedural requirements followed in the preconstruction review are substantially equivalent to the requirements of 340-218-0120 (Permit Issuance) through 340-218-0210 (Public Participation) and 340-218-0230 (Permit Review by the EPA and Affected States) that would be applicable to the change if it were subject to review as a permit modification, compliance requirements are substantially equivalent to those contained in 340-218-0050 (Standard Permit Requirements) through 340-218-0110 (Permit Shield), and no changes in the construction or operation of the facility that would require a permit modification under 340-218-0160 (Permit Modification) through 340-218-0180 (Significant Permit Modifications) have taken place.


Administrative permit amendments for purposes of the national acid rain portion of the permit will be governed by regulations promulgated under Title IV of the FCAA.


Administrative permit amendment procedures. An administrative permit amendment will be made by DEQ consistent with the following:


The owner or operator must promptly submit an application for an administrative permit amendment upon becoming aware of the need for one on forms provided by DEQ along with a copy of the draft amendment;


DEQ will take no more than 60 days from receipt of a request for an administrative permit amendment to take final action on such request, and may incorporate such changes without providing notice to the public or affected States provided that it designates any such permit revisions as having been made pursuant to this rule;


DEQ will issue the administrative permit amendment in the form of a permit addendum for only those conditions that will change;


DEQ will submit a copy of the permit addendum to the EPA;


The source may implement the changes addressed in the request for an administrative amendment immediately upon submittal of the request;


If the source fails to comply with its draft permit terms and conditions upon submittal of the application and until DEQ takes final action, the existing permit terms and conditions it seeks to modify may be enforced against it.


DEQ must, upon taking final action granting a request for an administrative permit amendment, allow coverage by the permit shield in OAR 340-218-0110 (Permit Shield) only for administrative permit amendments made pursuant to 340-218-0150 (Administrative Permit Amendments)(1)(h) which meet the relevant requirements of 340-218-0050 (Standard Permit Requirements) through 340-218-0240 (Enforcement) for significant permit modifications.


If it becomes necessary for DEQ to initiate an administrative amendment to the permit, DEQ will notify the permittee of the intended action by certified or registered mail. The action will become effective 20 days after the date of mailing unless within that time the permittee makes a written request for a hearing. The request must state the grounds for the hearing. Any hearing held will be conducted pursuant to the applicable provisions of ORS 183.

Source: Rule 340-218-0150 — Administrative Permit Amendments, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=340-218-0150.

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