OAR 340-220-0110
Emission Reporting and Fee Procedures


The owner or operator must submit the required form, including the election to pay on permitted or actual emissions for each regulated pollutant, to DEQ with the annual permit report using annual reporting procedures.


The owner or operator may request that information, other than emission information, submitted pursuant to this division be exempt from disclosure under OAR 340-214-0130 (Reporting: Information Exempt from Disclosure).


Records developed using these rules are subject to inspection and entry requirements in OAR 340-218-0080 (Compliance Requirements). The owner or operator must retain records for at least five years under 340-218-0050 (Standard Permit Requirements)(3)(b)(B).


DEQ may accept the information submitted or request additional information from the owner or operator. The owner or operator must submit additional actual emission information requested by DEQ within 30 days of the date of the request. DEQ may approve a request for additional time, up to 30 days, to submit the requested information.


If DEQ determines the actual emission information submitted for any regulated pollutant does not meet the criteria in this division, DEQ will assess the emission fee on the permitted emission for that regulated pollutant.


The owner or operator must submit emission fees payable to DEQ by the later of:


August 1 for emission fees from the previous calendar year; or


Thirty days after DEQ mails the fee invoice.


DEQ acceptance of emission fees does not indicate approval of data collection methods, calculation methods, or information reported on Emission Reporting Forms. If DEQ determines initial emission fee assessments were inaccurate or inconsistent with this division, DEQ may assess or refund emission fees up to two years after emission fees are received by DEQ.


DEQ will not revise a PSEL solely due to an emission fee payment.


Owners or operators operating sources pursuant to OAR 340 division 218 must submit the emission reporting information with the annual permit report.

Source: Rule 340-220-0110 — Emission Reporting and Fee Procedures, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=340-220-0110.

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