OAR 340-246-0110
Source Category Rules and Strategies

(1) DEQ may identify the need for source category rules and strategies through the following methods:
(a) The emissions inventory, modeling or monitoring, shows air toxics emissions from point, area, or mobile sources associated with public health risk at public receptors;
(b) Development of a local air toxics reduction plan provides source category controls that could be effectively applied to sources existing in other parts of the state; or
(c) When implementing the Safety Net Program, DEQ establishes air toxics emissions reductions for a source and determines that there are other similar sources in the state to which the reductions must apply.
(2) Subject to the requirements in this rule, the Lane Regional Air Pollution Authority is designated by the Commission as the agency responsible for implementing Source Category Rules and Strategies within its area of jurisdiction. The requirements and procedures contained in this rule must be used by the Regional Authority to implement Source Category Rules and Strategies unless the Regional Authority adopts superseding rules that are at least as restrictive as the rules adopted by the Commission.
(3) DEQ will consider the following criteria in determining whether to propose source category strategies under this division:
(a) Whether air toxics emissions from the source category are not, or will not, be addressed by other regulations or strategies, including emissions reduction requirements under the Geographic Program (OAR 340-246-0130 (Geographic Program (0130 through 0170)) through 340-246-0170 (Local Air Toxics Emissions Reduction Planning)), or the Safety Net Program (OAR 340-246-0190 (Air Toxics Safety Net Program (0190 through 0230)) through 340-246-0230 (Safety Net Source Air Toxics Emissions Reduction Measures in Permit));
(b) Whether air toxic emissions from the source category can be effectively reduced through regulations or voluntary strategies; and
(c) Whether the source category contributes to ambient benchmark exceedances at public receptors statewide, in multiple geographic areas, or in multiple counties

Source: Rule 340-246-0110 — Source Category Rules and Strategies, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=340-246-0110.

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