OAR 340-255-0050
Application Requirements

To apply for funding under this division, a person (as defined in OAR 340-200-0020 (General Air Quality Definitions), including individuals, corporations and government entities) or one of Oregon’s federally recognized tribes must submit a completed grant application form provided by DEQ and submit it to DEQ prior to a grant funding deadline announced by DEQ. Such an applicant must:


Own equipment that is eligible for a grant under OAR 340-255-0030 (Projects Eligible for Grant Funding) that is based in Oregon and currently operating in Oregon or apply on behalf of the owner with their express written permission;


Provide proof of ownership of such equipment and proof that such equipment has been operating in Oregon for the previous three years;


Provide proof of annual equipment usage that meets the requirements under OAR 340-255-0030 (Projects Eligible for Grant Funding), as applicable;


Propose a qualifying retrofit, repower or replacement project that reduces diesel emissions and that is eligible for grant funding under OAR 340-255-0030 (Projects Eligible for Grant Funding);


Provide proof of solicitation of at least three competitive bids for project expenses as well as low-cost or best-value rationale for selected bid. If an applicant cannot solicit three competitive bids for project expenses DEQ will provide the following waiver process:


DEQ will make a waiver-request form available to applicants that are unable to solicit at least three competitive bids. DEQ will grant waivers of the three competitive bid requirement at its sole discretion, based on DEQ’s assessment of whether the costs are reasonable and generally consistent with prices for similar work from other applications and previously funded projects; and


DEQ reserves the right to deny applications if the quoted project costs exceed the average prices for similar work from other applications and previously funded projects. DEQ also reserves the right to contact bid providers to clarify project and associated costs;


Describe and provide appropriate documentation to demonstrate that the proposed project meets one or more of the preferred project categories described in OAR 340-255-0060 (Application review process)(2);


Provide supplemental application information such as letters of support, photos, route maps and documentation of areas of operation to satisfy the requirements of sections (2) through (6), above;


If applicable, provide any additional information necessary to satisfy the requirements of the DERA grant program; and


Provide any additional information and documentation as determined necessary and requested by DEQ to evaluate an application.

Source: Rule 340-255-0050 — Application Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=340-255-0050.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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