OAR 340-259-0030
Standards for Qualifying Repowers and Retrofits


To qualify for a grant or loan under this division, the repower or retrofit must:


Be either a repower of a nonroad Oregon diesel engine or a retrofit of an Oregon diesel engine;


For a retrofit, use technologies:


Verified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency pursuant to its January 22, 2002 Final Draft Testing Protocol “Generic Verification Protocol for Diesel Exhaust Catalysts, Particulate Filters, and Engine Modification Control Technologies for Highway and Nonroad Use Diesel Engines” or its September 2003 “Generic Verification Protocol for Determination of Emissions Reductions Obtained by Use of Alternative or Reformulated Liquid Fuels, Fuel Additives, Fuel Emulsions, and Lubricants for Highway and Nonroad Use Diesel Engines and Light Duty Gasoline Engines and Vehicles;”


Verified by the California Air Resources Board pursuant to Title 13, California Code of Regulations, Chapter 14, “Verification Procedure, Warranty and In-Use Compliance Requirements for In-Use Strategies to Control Emissions from Diesel Engines,” as in effect on June 18, 2008; or


Determined by the Department to have been verified through an equivalent emission testing program;


Reduce diesel particulate matter emissions by at least 25 percent compared to baseline emissions for the engine year and specific installation; and


Be installed by a Qualified Installer.


If the Department approved a Clean Diesel Repower and Retrofit Tax Credit application under OAR 340-016-0330 (Clean Diesel Report and Retrofit Tax Credits: Application Approval or Denial Procedures) or a grant or loan application under OAR 340-259-0055 (Review and Approval or Denial) to repower or retrofit a vehicle or engine, a subsequent grant or loan under this division for the same vehicle or engine is available only if the new repower or retrofit reduces diesel particulate matter emissions below the emissions achieved by the previous repower or retrofit.
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Source: Rule 340-259-0030 — Standards for Qualifying Repowers and Retrofits, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=340-259-0030.

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