OAR 350-014-0001
Definitions for 350-014-0001 to 350-014-0005

As used in these rules, unless the context requires otherwise:


“Assist” means to act, or offer or agree to act, in such a way as to help, aid, advise, furnish information to, or otherwise provide assistance to another person, believing that the action is of help, aid, advice, or assistance to the person and with intent so to assist such person. “Assist” does not include referring another person to other persons or sources of advice and information, and other non-substantive advice or assistance.


“Business” means any corporation, partnership, proprietorship, firm, enterprise, franchise, association, organization, self-employed individual and any other legal entity operated for economic gain.


“Business with which the person is associated” means any business of which the person or a member of the person’s household is a director, officer, owner or employee, or any corporation in which the person or a member of the person’s household owns or has owned stock worth $1,000 or more at any point in the preceding calendar year.


“Potential conflict of interest” means any action or any decision or recommendation by a person acting in a capacity as a public official, the effect of which would be to the private pecuniary benefit or detriment of the person or a member of the person’s household, unless the pecuniary benefit or detriment arises out of the following:


An interest or membership in a particular business, industry, occupation or other class required by law as a prerequisite to the holding by the person of the office or position.


Any action in the person’s official capacity which would affect to the same degree a class consisting of all inhabitants of a state, or a smaller class consisting of an industry, occupation or other group including one of which or in which the person, or a member of the person’s household or business with which the person is associated, is a member or is engaged.


“Gift” means something of economic value given to a public official or member of the official’s household without valuable consideration of equivalent value, including the full or partial forgiveness of indebtedness, which is not extended to others who are not public officials on the same terms and conditions; and something of economic value given to a public official or member of the official’s household for valuable consideration less than that required from others who are not public officials. However, “gift” does not mean:


Campaign contributions.


Gifts from relatives.


The giving or receiving of food, lodging and travel when participating in an event which bears a relationship to the public official’s office and when appearing in an official capacity.


“Honoraria” means a payment or something of economic value given to a public official in exchange for services upon which custom or propriety prevents the setting of a price. Services include, but are not limited to, speeches or other services rendered in connection with an event at which the public official appears in an official capacity.


“Income” means income of any nature derived from any source, including, but not limited to, any salary, wage, advance, payment, dividend, interest, rent, honoraria, return of capital, forgiveness of indebtedness, or anything of economic value.


“Legislative or administrative interest” means an economic interest, distinct from that of the general public, in one or more bills, resolutions, regulations, proposals or other matters subject to the or vote of a person acting in the capacity of a public official.


“Member of household” means the spouse of the public official and any children of either who reside with the public official.


“Public official” means any person who is serving in a governmental capacity for the Columbia River Gorge Commission as an officer, employee, agent or otherwise, and irrespective of whether the person is compensated for such services.


Intentionally left blank —Ed.


“Transaction involving the Commission” means a proceeding, application, submission, request for a ruling or other determination, contract, claim, case, or other similar matter that a current or former public official, as defined in this division, believes, or has reason to believe:


Is, or will be, the subject of Commission action; or


Is one to which the Commission is or will be a party; or


Is one in which the Commission has a direct and substantial proprietary interest.


“Transaction involving the Commission” does not include the following: Preparation, consideration, or enactment of legislation, including appropriation of moneys in a budget, or the performance of legislative duties by an officer or employee; or a claim, case, lawsuit, or similar matter if the officer or employee did not participate in the underlying transaction involving the Commission that is the basis for the claim, case, or lawsuit.

Source: Rule 350-014-0001 — Definitions for 350-014-0001 to 350-014-0005, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=350-014-0001.

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