OAR 350-050-0045
Pre-Application Conference Required for Quasi-Judicial Plan Amendment


Prior to submitting any application for a quasi-judicial plan amendment to the Management Plan, an applicant shall attend a pre-application conference with the Executive Director.


The applicant shall submit a statement of the proposed change to the land use designation, landscape setting, or recreation intensity class or policy change and the purpose for which the changes are sought. Proposals for quasi-judicial amendments shall include a list of all parcels to which the proposal applies and the names and addresses of the owners of the parcels. The Executive Director may request the applicant submit additional information about the proposal prior to scheduling a pre-application conference.


The Executive Director shall schedule a pre-application conference after the applicant submits all additional information that the Executive Director requests. The Executive Director shall hold the pre-application conference within a reasonable period of time after receipt of the additional information. The Executive Director shall notify the following persons of the pre-application conference:


The applicant;


For quasi-judicial amendments, the owners of all parcels to which the proposal applies;


Representatives of the USDA Forest Service, the county or counties where the subject parcel or parcels are located, the four Indian Tribes with treaty rights in the National Scenic Area, and appropriate state agencies; and,


Any other person the Executive Director believes may have an interest in the proposal or requests notice of the pre-application conference.


The Commission may charge a fee for holding a pre-application conference. The Commission shall set the fee. The Commission shall hold a public hearing before establishing a fee for pre-application conferences.


The purpose of the pre-application conference is to assist the applicant to complete the Plan Amendment process successfully and expeditiously, identify possible practicable alternatives, identify issues that concern the Commission and other agencies and interested persons, determine what information would be necessary for the Executive Director to review the application, give an estimated schedule for considering the application, and identify possible conditions of approval.


The Executive Director shall issue a pre-application conference report, which shall summarize the discussion at the conference and shall contain a preliminary list of information necessary to review the application. The list of necessary information shall be as comprehensive as reasonably possible, but shall not be exclusive.


The Executive Director may require an applicant to attend a new pre-application conference if the application submitted is materially different from the proposal discussed at the pre-application conference, or conditions in the Scenic Area have materially changed.

Source: Rule 350-050-0045 — Pre-Application Conference Required for Quasi-Judicial Plan Amendment, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=350-050-0045.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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