OAR 350-070-0046
Electronic Filing and Service


The Commission allows filing and service of all documents by electronic mail (email) to the Commission’s Office. All documents to be filed or served shall be emailed to crgc@gorgecommission.org, and shall have a subject heading that clearly identifies the email as filing a document or serving a document and that clearly identifies the appeal by caption and/or appeal number. The Commission allows email filing even if a person opts out of email service. A person need not file a document by mail if that person has already filed the document by email.


All documents may be served by email to persons that do not opt out of email service (see rules below for Notice of Appeal and Notice of Appearance). Persons filing a petition for review are encouraged to communicate with persons who are entitled to receive a copy of the Notice of Appeal about electronic service of the Notice of Appeal.


The preferred format for filed and served documents shall be a searchable portable document format (.pdf). Color originals available electronically, or easily able to be scanned in color shall be filed and served in color. Requirements for color covers or fastening of documents shall not apply to documents filed or served by email.


The Commission understands that persons’ computers and internet service may display times that vary by several minutes, and have different technological capabilities. Persons filing and serving documents by email should communicate with each other to ensure that the documents can be received and read. The Commission will apply the rules in this chapter in the interest of promoting full participation in an appeal, resolving the appeal in an expeditious manner, and to promote justice in disputes concerning email filing and service such as whether a document was timely filed; timely served; should have been filed or served by email; whether and when the document was received; and whether the document was sent in a readable format. In resolving disputes over electronic service, the Commission will consider whether persons made good faith efforts to communicate about electronic mail service and whether persons attempted to resolve the dispute without involving the Commission.

Source: Rule 350-070-0046 — Electronic Filing and Service, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=350-070-0046.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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