Oregon Department of Human Services

Rule Rule 407-043-0020
Cooperative Relationship with Oregon Health Authority


The Department of Human Services (Department) will cooperate and collaborate with Oregon Health Authority (Authority) in order to effectively coordinate services to individuals, families and communities and realize operational efficiencies in the administration of services that can be shared between them (“shared services”).


In any Department rules, policies, or procedures that refer to the programs, functions, and duties that were formerly part of the Department that were transferred to the Authority, such reference shall be considered a reference to the Authority.


The Department acknowledges that the Authority is the state Medicaid agency and the state Children’s Health Insurance Program agency, authorized by state statute to administer the medical assistance program. The Authority is also responsible for facilitating outreach and enrollment efforts to connect eligible individuals with all available publicly funded health programs.


The Department and the Authority recognize that there are many points of interconnection between their programs and the individuals who receive services through these programs. In addition, there are areas of natural connection between the Department and the Authority based upon the former structure of the Department.


The Department shall continue to work cooperatively with the Authority in the administration of the medical assistance program, including determinations of eligibility and service need for medical assistance. The Authority has designated the Department as the operating agency for the home and community-based waivers and as an Organized Health Care Delivery System.


The Department and the Authority are authorized by state law to delegate to each other any duties, functions, and powers that they deem necessary for the efficient and effective operation of their respective functions. The Department and the Authority will work together to adopt rules to assure that medical assistance eligibility requirements, procedures, and determinations are consistent across both agencies. The Authority has authorized the Department to determine medical eligibility for medical assistance. Where that responsibility is given to the Department under ORS Chapter 411 (Public Assistance and Medical Assistance), the Department has delegated to the Authority the duties, functions and powers to make medical eligibility determinations in accordance with OAR 410-120-0006 (Medical Eligibility Standards).


Where statute establishes duties and functions of the Department or the Authority in relation to medical assistance as a public assistance program, the Department and the Authority will cooperate in the effective administration of the program.

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