OAR 409-060-0110

The following definitions apply to OAR 409-060-0100 (Scope) to 409-060-0150 (Coverage Guidances):


“Ad hoc expert” means an individual identified by the Commission as having particular expertise in a technology or its application.


“Authority” means the Oregon Health Authority.


“Commission” means the Health Evidence Review Commission.


“Coverage guidance” means a report approved by the Commission on a health service or technology which makes coverage recommendations for insurers and health care purchasers in furthering the use of evidence-based healthcare.


“Evidence-based guideline” means an evidence-based report on a health service or technology, for use by health care providers in encouraging the use of the safest and most effective care possible.


“Evidence-based report” means a medical technology assessment, evidence-based guideline or coverage guidance which includes conclusions and recommendations based on the information in the source documents, and which incorporates the clinical context necessary for the information to be properly interpreted by policymakers.


“EbGS” means the Evidence-based Guidelines Subcommittee.


“HTAS” means the Health Technology Assessment Subcommittee


“Medical technology” or “technology” means medical equipment and devices, medical or surgical procedures and other techniques used or prescribed by health care providers in delivering health care to individuals, and the organizational or supportive systems within which health care is delivered.


“Medical technology assessment” means an evidence-based report on the use, clinical effectiveness and risks, and cost of a technology in comparison with its alternatives.


“Subcommittee” means a subcommittee established by the Commission.


“Scientific evidence” means scientific studies found in peer-reviewed medical literature, printed in journals or other publications that publish original manuscripts only after the manuscripts have been critically reviewed by unbiased independent experts for scientific accuracy, validity and reliability. Such evidence will be evaluated by the Commission for evidence of bias based on the current principles of evidence-based medicine.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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