OAR 410-172-0640
Behavioral Health Services Fee Schedule


The Division shall pay providers based on the Behavioral Health Services Fee Schedule (fee-for-service (FFS) payment rates for behavioral health services) posted on the Authority web site.


Payment shall be made at each provider’s usual and customary charge or the Division’s published reimbursement upper payment limit, whichever is less, minus payments received or due from other payers. Payments to other specified providers shall be made according to other approved schedules.


The Division’s maximum allowable rate-setting process uses a methodology that is based on the existing Medicaid fee schedule with adjustments for legislative changes and payment levels.


Limitations contained in the Behavioral Health Services Fee Schedule, such as the maximum rate and the amount, duration, and scope of services provided, are subject to change at the discretion of the Division. Updates and changes are posted on the Behavioral Health Services Fee Schedule website at www.oregon.gov/OHA/HSD/OHP/Pages/Fee-Schedule.aspx.


Payment shall be made for services listed in the Medicaid Behavioral Health Procedure Fee Schedule that are rendered to Medicaid-eligible individuals by a qualified provider during the period in which the provider is enrolled with the Division.


For cost-reimbursed services, the provider shall maintain adequate records to thoroughly explain how the amounts reported on the cost statement were determined. The records shall be accurate and in sufficient detail to substantiate the data reported. Providers whose rates are paid based on a collective bargaining agreement are not exempt from this requirement.


In accordance with 42 CFR § 405.506, a charge that exceeds the customary charge of the physician or other person who rendered the medical or other health service, or the prevailing charge in the locality, or an applicable lowest charge level may be found to be reasonable, but only where there are unusual circumstances, or medical complications requiring additional time, effort, or expense that support an additional charge, and only if it is acceptable medical or medical service practice in the locality to make an extra charge in such cases. The mere fact that the physician’s or other person’s customary charge is higher than prevailing would not justify a determination that it is reasonable.


Payment by the Division does not limit the Authority or any state or federal oversight entity from reviewing or auditing a claim before or after the payment. Payment may be denied or subject to recovery if medical review, audit, or other post-payment review determines that payment for the service was not provided in accordance with applicable Oregon Administrative Rules or the service does not meet the criteria for quality or medical appropriateness of the care.

Source: Rule 410-172-0640 — Behavioral Health Services Fee Schedule, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=410-172-0640.

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