OAR 411-032-0015
Data Collection, Records, and Reporting




The collection of required program and fiscal records and data associated with OPI must be on forms and data systems as approved by the Department.


Each AAA and service provider must collect data on eligible individuals receiving authorized services as required by the Department.


All authorized service data collected on eligible individuals, supported by OPI must contain the individual’s Social Security Number and date of birth.


For individuals under the age of 60, documentation must be placed in the individual’s file that the individual has been diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s Disease or a related disorder. Documentation must come verbally or in writing from the individual’s physician. The type of “related disorder” must also be specified in this documentation.




Each AAA and service provider must maintain all books, records, documents, and accounting procedures that reflect all administrative costs, program support costs, direct service costs, and service coordination costs expended on OPI. These records must be retained for not less than three years.


Each AAA and service provider must make these records available upon request to representatives from the Department, or to those duly authorized by the Department.




Fiscal and program reports must be completed on forms provided by the Department.


Fiscal and program reports must be submitted to the Department by the specified due dates.


Fiscal and program reports must, at a minimum, include:


Current cumulative expenditures;


Cost per unit of authorized service;


Administrative costs;


Program support costs;


Service coordination costs;


Direct service costs;


The amount of fee for service assessed, billed, expended, and collected and other funds received;


Number of unduplicated recipients year to date served for each authorized service year to date, and unduplicated case count year to date;


Number of units of service for each authorized service; and


Demographic, social, medical, physical, functional, and financial data, including a breakdown of the income levels of OPI eligible individuals, as required by the Department on the Department’s Client Assessment/Planning System (CA/PS) and in Oregon ACCESS database.


CONFIDENTIALITY. The use or disclosure by any party of any information concerning a recipient of authorized services described in these rules, for any purpose not directly connected with the administration of the responsibilities of the Department, AAA, or service provider is prohibited except with written consent of the recipient, or their legal representative. Disclosure of recipient information must meet Department requirements.

Source: Rule 411-032-0015 — Data Collection, Records, and Reporting, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=411-032-0015.

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