OAR 411-035-0040
Eligibility Criteria for Chore Services


To be eligible for chore services, a consumer must not be receiving community-based care in a licensed care setting and must meet the requirements in OAR 411-030-0033 (In-Home Service Living Arrangements).


An eligible consumer may receive chore services if any of the following are true:


The consumer needs garbage pick-up and removal, or payment of previous garbage bills, to continue or resume receiving garbage services and to ensure the home is safe for the consumer and their service providers.


The consumer’s premises requires heavy cleaning to remove hazardous debris or dirt in the home to ensure the consumer’s home is safe and allows for independent living.


The consumer’s premises requires the removal of outside debris (for example, trees, leaves, clutter) that endangers the structure of the home, the consumer’s ability to traverse within the home, or to safely enter or exit the home.


The services must be completed to enable the consumer to move from one residence to another and to establish services in the new home.


If the service is done in a rental location, the service must be a service that is not required of the landlord under applicable landlord-tenant law.


Chore services are not part of the consumer’s on-going service plan. Once the chore service is complete, homecare workers may begin or continue ongoing housekeeping.


Chore services must be appropriate and cost effective to meet the service need of the consumer.


If feasible, three bids are required from companies or vendors who provide chore services. A bid is not comparative pricing through the Internet.


Bids over $500 require a state licensed contractor.


The consumer must sign a written agreement to:


Have a vendor clean their home;


Remove hazardous debris; or


To haul off agreed upon items that may pose a health and safety risk to the consumer or others.

Source: Rule 411-035-0040 — Eligibility Criteria for Chore Services, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=411-035-0040.

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