OAR 411-049-0110
Adult Day Services

(1) An AFH licensee may request authorization to provide adult day services to a specific number of individuals. The licensee may not provide adult day services without first receiving written authorization from the LLA.
(2) The care needs of adult day services individuals must be within the classification of the license and any conditions imposed.
(3) A copy of the current house policies, as identified in the current Residency Agreement, and the current Resident’s Bill of Rights and Freedoms, signed and dated by the resident or the resident’s representative.
(4) The licensee or administrator must have arrangements for adult day services individuals to sleep in areas other than a resident’s bed, a resident’s room, or space designated as common use, in accordance with OAR 411-050-0715 (Facility Standards).
(a) Adult day services individuals may use a cot or rollaway bed if bedroom space is available that meets the requirements of OAR 411-50-0715(9)(c).
(b) A resident’s bed may not be used by an adult day services individual.
(5) Licensees that provide adult day services to individuals must remain in compliance with OAR 411-049-0105 (License)(6) in addition to the other requirements in these rules including, but not limited to, facility standards addressing:
(a) Common use areas, OAR 411-050-0715 (Facility Standards)(7).
(b) Bathrooms, OAR 411-050-0715 (Facility Standards)(8).
(c) Evacuations, OAR 411-050-0725 (Emergency Preparedness).
(6) Before the admission of each adult day services individual, the licensee or administrator must:
(a) Conduct and document a screening as described in OAR 411-051-0110 (Pre-Admission).
(b) Obtain current medical professional orders as described in OAR 411-051-0130 (Standards for Medications, Treatments, and Therapies)(2), if medications are to be administered and the necessary delegations, as applicable.
(c) Develop and maintain a current, written medication administration record (MAR) as described in OAR 411-051-0130 (Standards for Medications, Treatments, and Therapies)(6), if medications are to be administered.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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