Oregon Department of Human Services, Aging and People with Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities

Rule Rule 411-057-0190
Complaints, Inspections, and Sanctions


COMPLAINTS AND INVESTIGATIONS. The Department shall investigate complaints regarding an endorsed memory care community in accordance with the complaint and investigation procedures in the licensing rules of the facility. Complaints and investigations may include alleged violations of ORS 443.886 (Memory care endorsement required) or violations of these rules. When the Department requests documents or records during an investigation, the licensee must make the information available to the investigator promptly for review and copying.


INSPECTIONS. At the time of the memory care community’s regular license renewal, the Department shall inspect the memory care community to determine compliance with these rules.


SANCTIONS. Sanctions for failure to comply with these rules may include the imposition of civil penalties, licensing conditions, suspension, denial, non-renewal, or revocation of the endorsement. Sanction involving the endorsement shall be in accordance with the licensing rules of the facility type applicable to the type of sanction imposed.


SUSPENSION. The Department may immediately suspend a memory care community’s endorsement if the Division finds a serious threat to the public health and safety and sets forth specific reasons for such findings.


DENIAL AND NON-RENEWAL OF ENDORSEMENT APPLICATION. The Department may deny or refuse to renew an endorsement under the following circumstances:


Failure to demonstrate capacity as required in OAR 411-057-0120 (Application for Endorsement)(5);


Substantial failure to comply with Department rules;


Failure to provide complete and accurate information on the application;


When the State Fire Marshal or authorized representative certifies there is failure to comply with all applicable ordinances and rules pertaining to safety from fire; and


Failure to implement a plan of correction or comply with a licensing or endorsement condition that ensures the safety and security of residents or fails to provide the required dementia care programming to residents living within the memory care community.


REVOCATION. The Department may issue a notice of revocation of endorsement upon finding that there is substantial failure to comply with these rules such that the health, safety, or welfare of residents is jeopardized, or any substantial failure to comply with one or more of these rules.


The licensee is entitled to a hearing in accordance with the provisions of ORS chapter 183 when the Department takes enforcement action on the endorsement of a memory care community.

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