OAR 413-060-0410


“A.T.S.A.” means Association for the Treatment of Sex Abusers.


“Aversion Therapy” means behavioral therapy procedure which pairs a noxious smell with deviant sexual stimuli.


“Behavioral Therapy” means therapy that attempts to decrease deviant sexual arousal and gives the offender tools for self-control.


“Boredom Tapes” means homework assignments designed to reduce deviant arousal by satiation.


“Cognitive Therapy” means therapy which attempts to alter the manner in which clients think about life and change their cognitive distortions.


“Covert Positive Reinforcement” means therapy which attempts to pair the chain of events leading to a sexual assault with a self-initiated interruption scene followed by a reward scene.


“Covert Sensitization” means therapy that attempts to reduce deviant arousal by instantly pairing pre-assault behaviors with highly aversive fantasies.


“Deviant Sexual Fantasies” means fantasizing and becoming sexually aroused to children or violent themes.


“Plethysmograph” means a device for measuring the sexual response pattern of a male or female client. It is called a penile plethysmograph for males and photoplethysmograph for females.


“Polygraph” means an instrument that simultaneously records changes in such physiological processes as heartbeat, blood pressure, and respiration, and is often used as a lie detector.


“Risk” means the potential for reoffending and for resisting or failing in treatment.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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