Oregon Department of Human Services, Child Welfare Programs

Rule Rule 413-080-0052
Responding to a Concern in a Child-Caring Agency or Proctor Foster Home

When Department staff become aware of a concern involving a child-caring agency or proctor foster home, staff must immediately:


Report to Department personnel assigned to ensure notifications outlined in OAR 413-215-0136 (Licensing Umbrella Rules: Notifications Involving a Child-caring Agency) using DHS Form 1303. This does not include allegations of abuse as defined in ORS 419B.005 (Definitions) or ORS 418.205 (Definitions for ORS 418.205 to 418.327, 418.470, 418.475, 418.950 to 418.970 and 418.992 to 418.998), 418.260 (Investigation of abuses, deficiencies, violations or failures to comply, in child-caring agencies), which are reported to a Department screener;


Document the date the report was made and the method for making the report in the Department’s electronic information system’s case notes when possible; and


Make efforts to address the concern for the child or young adult.

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Jun. 8, 2021