OAR 413-110-0320


Adoption is a permanency option that should be considered as part of concurrent case planning for all children in substitute care.


The assessment of the appropriateness of adoption as the permanency plan for a child begins at the time of the child’s initial placement and continues until a permanent plan is achieved.


If safe placement with a parent is not possible for a child, and the child can be legally freed for adoption and has an appropriate and available adoptive resource who wishes to adopt the child, it is concluded that adoption is an appropriate permanency plan for the child.


Adoption is not the most appropriate plan for every child.


The Department will not initiate proceedings to free a child for adoption unless there is a probability of being placed with an approved family.


Decisions whether adoption is an appropriate permanency plan for the child must be made collaboratively.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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