OAR 414-180-0045
Record Keeping

(1) The following records, except those specified in OAR 414-180-0045 (Record Keeping)(1)(e), must be kept by the provider for at least one year. These records shall be available at all times to OCC:
(a) Information from the parent(s) for each child at the time of admission:
(A) Name and birth date of the child;
(B) Any chronic health problem(s), including allergies, the child has;
(C) Date child entered care;
(D) Names, work and home telephone numbers and addresses, and the work hours of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s);
(E) Name and telephone number of person(s) to contact in an emergency;
(F) Name and telephone number of person(s) to whom the child may be released;
(G) Health history of any problems that could affect the child’s participation in child care.
(b) Daily attendance records, including dates each child attended and arrival and departure times for each day. Times shall be recorded as the child care children arrive and depart.
(c) Medications administered, including the child’s name, and the date and time of dosage and the dosage amount.
(d) Injuries to a child.
(e) Lead testing results for drinking water for the past 6 years.
(2) The provider must have a written statement from the parent(s) regarding whether or not the provider is authorized to obtain emergency medical treatment for a child.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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