OAR 414-525-0010

The purpose of these rules is to assist counties in the implementation and operation of Healthy Families Oregon program services. The Healthy Families Oregon program seeks to ensure healthy, thriving children and strong, nurturing families by offering a range of voluntary and non-stigmatizing services ranging from universal basic short-term services to long-term intensive home visiting for high risk families. Healthy Families Oregon initiates these services prenatally and at the time of birth, targeting high risk families. Healthy Families Oregon services are offered until the child’s third birthday and as needed during a transition period following the birthday to assure connection to other school readiness services for the family. Services follow evidence-based practices designed to achieve appropriate early childhood benchmarks, following the Healthy Families America model. These rules are the minimum standards for the establishment, operations, evaluation, and funding of Healthy Families Oregon program services under ORS 417.795 (Healthy Families Oregon programs).
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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