OAR 416-001-0015
Mailing List Fees


Any individual, organization representing more than ten individuals, or agency may request to be included on the OYA’s mailing list for notification of any proposed adoption, amendment, or repeal of any OYA rule. The subscription fee to be on the mailing list is $35 annually. The fee established under this rule does not apply to any federal, state, county, or local government entity. Mailings are created for interested persons who want to receive notice of administrative rules promulgated by the OYA. The request must be sent to the Oregon Youth Authority, Rules/Policy Coordinator, 530 Center St. NE Ste. 500, Salem, OR 97301.


Mailing List Subscription Renewal: One annual billing will be sent in July of each year. Subscription fees must be paid by September 1 of each year. Government agencies or entities will be sent a confirmation notice and an opportunity to renew their subscription. Anyone not requesting renewal of subscription will be removed at the end of October.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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