OAR 416-060-0005
Purpose and Policy


Purpose: These rules govern general media relations for the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) including responding to information requests and granting access by Media Representatives to OYA Facilities, programs, staff and Offenders.




OYA acknowledges the public’s interest in and concern with OYA’s mission to protect the public, reduce crime, hold Offenders accountable and provide opportunities for reformation in safe environments.


In recognition of the news media’s role in reporting matters of public interest, OYA will work with Media Representatives to provide requested information within OYA’s resource limitations and requirements for safety, security and confidentiality; and it is the policy of OYA to permit and assist with access by Media Representatives to OYA facilities, programs, Offenders and staff for the purposes of supporting OYA’s mission and goals within the limitations required to ensure Facility security, safety and Offenders’ reformation.


Interviews with Offenders may be permitted with their consent and the approval of the appropriate Superintendent/Camp Director or Field Supervisor. When authorized, an interview with an Offender is permitted neither as a matter of right nor as a privilege of the Offender or the Accredited News Media Organization. Instead, an interview may be approved if the appropriate Superintendent/Camp Director or Field Supervisor and the Communications Manager determine it is consistent with OYA’s mission and goals and the safe, secure and orderly management and operation of the Facility or program, and is not inconsistent with the Offender’s treatment, education, reformation and rehabilitation.


There are inherent risks associated with entering an OYA Facility. Consequently, Media Representatives enter OYA Facilities at their own risk, and are required to comply with all security and control measures of the Facility and with the directions of OYA staff.


OYA may initiate contact and provide access to Media Representatives to report on activities that further OYA’s mission and goals.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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