OAR 416-115-0010


Absconder: A juvenile on probation or parole who hides, conceals, or absents him/herself with the intent to avoid legal process or authorized control.
(2) Accused Delinquent: A person charged with an offense, if committed by an adult would be a criminal offense.
(3) Adjudicated Delinquent: A person found to have committed an offense that, if committed by an adult, would be a criminal offense.
(4) Deputy Juvenile Compact Administrator: An Oregon Youth Authority employee appointed by the Director of the Oregon Youth Authority to serve as the general coordinator of activities, rules and policy developed to carry out the terms and provisions of the ICJ.
(5) Escapee: A Juvenile who has made an unauthorized flight from in-custody status or a facility to which the Juvenile has been committed by a lawful authority.
(6) Home State: The state where the parent(s), guardian(s), person, or agency having legal custody of the juvenile is residing or undertakes to reside.
(7) Interstate Compact for Juveniles (ICJ): The agreement pertaining to the legally authorized transfer of supervision and care, as well as the return of juveniles from one state to another, which has been adopted by all member states that have enacted legislation in substantially the same language. The agreement does not include or provide for the transfer of court jurisdiction from one state to another.
(8) Juvenile: Any person within the juvenile jurisdictional age limit of any court in the Home/Sending State, or any individual adjudicated delinquent within the Home/Sending state and who remains under custodial care or community supervision of the juvenile authority.
(9) Runaway: A child under the juvenile jurisdictional age limit established by the state, who has run away from his/her place of residence, without the consent of the parent, guardian, person, or agency entitled to his/her legal custody.
(10) Sending State: A state which has sent or is in the process of sending a juvenile to another state for supervision under the provisions of the ICJ.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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