OAR 416-180-0020
Steering Committee

JJIS is administered by OYA in partnership with county juvenile departments through a JJIS Steering Committee.


The JJIS Steering Committee sets the JJIS vision and goals. The Steering Committee’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


Oversight of the development and implementation of policies and processes for collecting and reporting data;


Assignment of duties between partnering state and local agencies;


Determination of system features, including prioritizing development and implementation of such features;


Monitoring of external partner JJIS access; and


Final approval of JJIS policies and procedures, decisions relating to implementation and maintenance of the system and upgrades.


The Steering Committee may develop advisory groups, as necessary, to help achieve JJIS goals.


The Steering Committee must meet at least once every three months. Membership may include internal and external partners. Steering Committee members include the following:


Three OYA representatives, including the Steering Committee chairperson, appointed by the OYA director;


Five county juvenile department directors, including the Steering Committee co-chair, appointed by the Oregon Juvenile Department Directors’ Association (OJDDA); and


External partners with interest in the JJIS system or database who may be invited by a Steering Committee chairperson to attend Steering Committee meetings to participate in discussions.


Only members listed under (a) and (b) above may vote on Steering Committee recommendations.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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