OAR 416-420-0020


Approval by the OYA is required for all facility tours in compliance with these rules and OYA policy and procedure. Typically, tours are granted to persons interested or involved in juvenile corrections, such as:


Oregon state officials;


Juvenile justice professionals from other agencies;


Students older than age 18, as part of an educational program (exceptions for underage students may be approved by the facility Superintendent/Camp Director).


All tours will be supervised by staff. Some parts of the facility may be off-limits, and individual contact with offenders is prohibited unless specifically authorized.


As part of the approval process, the OYA requires that the names of persons who plan to participate in the tour be provided in advance. Persons must check-in at the designated reception area and present photo identification.


Persons not prior authorized to participate in the tour will be denied access into the facility.


Persons who are on parole/probation status in the community, former OYA offenders, or family members of offenders currently under OYA custody must be individually approved in writing by the facility Superintendent/Camp Director to participate in a facility tour.


Persons who attempt to bring any contraband into a facility will be denied access into the facility.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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