OAR 416-440-0015


Immediate Family Member: Legal spouse, domestic partner, parent, guardian, sibling, child, aunt, uncle, grandchildren and grandparents, including foster, in-law, and step relationships. Immediate family also includes the caregiver of the offender’s minor child(ren).


Inspection: To examine or view, including reading or photocopying.


Offender correspondence: Correspondence and packages designated official or personal.


Official correspondence is mail sent to or received from officials of the Oregon Youth Authority, any confining or community supervising authority, the Governor, the Secretary of State, any state or federal legislator, administrators of grievance systems, foreign embassy consulates, attorneys, courts, court officials, or any agency that provides legal services to an offender, including legal aid offices.


Personal correspondence is all other mail.


Prohibited mail: Any material that threatens or is detrimental to the general public, or facility/program security, safety, or order, including but not limited to:


Mail that contains escape plans, plans to commit a criminal act or to violate facility rules, or mail that constitutes a crime in or of itself or is used in the furtherance of illegal activity;


Sexually explicit material which by its nature or content poses a threat or is detrimental to the security, safety, or order of the facility or program, or facilitates criminal activity;


Mail sent or received on behalf of another offender;


Incoming mail to a confined OYA offender from an offender confined in a correctional, penal, or detention institution, unless prior written authorization is received from the superintendent/camp director or designee;


Mail to or from identified victims, including through third parties, unless prior written authorization is received from the superintendent/camp director or designee;


Contraband items, including but not limited to weapons or explosives, medications, electronic items, negotiable instruments, money, or photographs with chemical substances on the back of the photograph;


Unauthorized business transactions, such as promotions given in exchange for purchase or subscription, audio or book clubs, requests or applications for credit cards, credit or deferred billing transactions;


Publications deemed contraband, detrimental to an offender’s reformation, or publications sent other than directly from a publisher or commercial distributor; and


Attachments or enclosures that are glued, taped or otherwise affixed to the envelope, package, or its contents.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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