OAR 423-110-0030
Notice and Appeal


Prior to awarding a grant under OAR 423-110-0025 (Competitive Grants), the Youth Development Division shall send written notification of the initial determination of the distribution to any applicant that applied for the grant.


If the applicant will receive a grant under OAR 423-110-0025 (Competitive Grants) the written notification must take the form of a letter of intent to award. A letter of intent to award does not guarantee that the applicant will receive the grant. Receipt of a grant is contingent on satisfying any requirement imposed by or necessary to enter into a grant agreement.


The division shall establish an appeals process by which an eligible applicant may appeal a decision to award a grant under OAR 423-110-0025 (Competitive Grants). The process must be approved by the council.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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