OAR 423-125-0025
Competitive Grants

(1) The Youth Development Division shall establish a process by which the division may issue grants for the purposes of establishing or supporting gang prevention and intervention services. The process must require the submission of gang prevention and intervention applications as described in this rule. The process must be approved by the Youth Development Council.
(2) The council must reapprove the process not less than once each biennium, or as otherwise determined by the council to be necessary.
(3) The division shall notify eligible applicants or potential applicants of:
(a) The process;
(b) Submission deadlines and other important dates; and
(c) All applicable grant parameters.
(4) The division shall make available to eligible applicants or potential applicants:
(a) Gang prevention and intervention application forms;
(b) All other materials necessary to apply for a grant; and
(c) Any guidelines for applying for a grant that the division determines is necessary to properly inform eligible applicants or potential applicants how to properly apply for a grant.
(5) Each gang prevention and intervention application submitted under this rule must include:
(a) A proposal for expending grant moneys, including a description of all activities to be funded with grant moneys and the expected outcomes associated with the performance of those activities;
(b) In a form and manner prescribed by the division, each individual measurable activity and associated outcome that will be subject to reporting under OAR 423-125-0035 (Grant Agreements);
(c) In a form and manner prescribed by the division, a project budget that provides an accounting of grant moneys and how those grant moneys will be spent; and
(d) Other information as required by the division.
(6) The budget described in subsection (5)(c) of this rule may not include an accounting of funds that are not grant moneys awarded pursuant to this rule.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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