OAR 436-045-0025


In order for a disposition of a claim by the parties to be considered for reimbursement eligibility under the Reopened Claims Program, it must be submitted to the director during the period of time in which the claim remains open under the Board’s Own Motion or voluntary claim reopening.


Dispositions submitted in accordance with (1) are not eligible to receive reimbursement from the Reopened Claims Program unless made with the prior written approval of the director.


Requests for written approval of proposed dispositions shall include:


A copy of the proposed disposition which specifies the amount of the proposed contribution to be made from the Reopened Claims Program;


A statement from the insurer indicating how the amount of the contribution was calculated;


Any other information as required by the director.


The director will not approve the disposition for reimbursement if the proposed contribution from the Program exceeds a reasonable projection of that claim’s future liability to the Program under that Board’s Own Motion reopening or voluntary claim reopening.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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