OAR 436-140-0130
Service of Orders


An order or notice of the director shall include a notice of the party’s appeal rights and shall be served upon the party when the director does any of the following:


Notifies an applicant that a program is not approved pursuant to OAR 436-140-0010 (Qualifying)(4);


Suspends or revokes eligibility of a construction carve-out program pursuant to OAR 436-140-0090 (Suspension or Revocation); or


Assesses a civil penalty under the provisions of OAR 436-140-0120 (Sanctions and Civil Penalties; Rule Violations).


The director shall serve the order by delivering a copy to the party in the manner provided by Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure 7D(3), or by sending a copy to the party by certified mail with return receipt requested.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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