Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Finance and Securities Regulation

Rule Rule 441-001-0030
Contested Case Proceedings


Except for appeals to courts of appropriate jurisdiction from decisions of the Director under ORS 707.080 (Investigation and ruling on application), 707.150 (Refusal of authority to organize) or 707.180 (Location of principal place of business), a person shall be considered as timely requesting a contested case hearing for any program administered by the Division of Financial Regulation if the written request for hearing is received by the Director within the time specified in the notice or proposed order served on the person. The time specified in the notice or proposed order shall be as stated in the applicable program’s statutes or if none, in ORS Chapter 183 (Administrative Procedures Act).


A contested case notice, in addition to the notice requirements of ORS 183.415 (Notice of right to hearing)(2), may include a statement that the record of the proceeding to date including information in the division file automatically becomes part of the contested case record upon default for the purpose of proving a prima facie case.


No later than 60 days after the expiration of the time for requesting a hearing, a party may request a hearing by filing a request and an affidavit which:


Shows the failure to request a hearing was due to mistake, inadvertence, surprise, or excusable neglect; and


Sets forth a meritorious defense to the matters contained in the order.


If the Director allows the late request, the Director shall refer the matter to the Office of Administrative Hearings. This referral does not stay the order which became final on the default. If the late request is denied, the Director shall enter an order setting forth the reasons for such denial.

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