OAR 441-740-0000

(1) “Advertising” includes signs, inside or outside of a business premise, advertising in newspapers and print media, on radio, television, and electronic media by the licensee or on the licensee’s behalf.
(2) “Large item” means:
(a) A boat as defined in ORS 830.005 (Definitions for chapter), a snowmobile as defined in ORS 801.490 (“Snowmobile”), a trailer as described in ORS 726.010 (Definitions)(2)(a)(D), or an all-terrain vehicle as described in ORS 726.380 (Loss of or injury to pledge); and
(b) An item that a pawnshop in the usual course of business would prefer to place in off-site storage due to its size, shape, or weight.
(3) “Reasonable care” means:
(a) Having a method or system of promptly notifying the police or a security company when a burglary or theft occurs or is in progress; and
(b) Having a structure or enclosure in which the business is conducted and at any off-site storage location that is designed, constructed, furnished and maintained to create physical deterrents to unauthorized entry or unauthorized removal of pledged goods, giving special consideration to security of high value items and weapons.
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Jun. 24, 2021

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