OAR 441-930-0290
Unprofessional Conduct

An entity engaging in the following conduct is subject to probation, suspension, revocation, or denial of a certification or registration and assessment of a civil penalty pursuant to ORS 97.948 (Grounds for discipline by director for violation of ORS 97.923 to 97.949) and OAR 441-930-0310 (Revocation, Suspension and Denial of Certificate or Registration):


Furnishing false or misleading information to the director in connection with:


Obtaining, renewing, reinstating, or maintaining certification or registration;


The filing of an annual report; or


An investigation;


Failing to furnish accurate and understandable price information to consumers;


Employing any unconscionable tactic in connection with the offer or sale of a prearrangement plan;


Failing to make and verify trust deposits in the amounts and within the times specified in ORS 97.941 (Prearrangement or preconstruction trust fund deposits);


Withdrawing principal or income of a trust account in excess of what is permitted pursuant to ORS 97.943 (Distributions from prearrangement trust fund deposits);


Failing to comply with the annual reporting requirements as required by ORS 97.933 (Certification of provider of prearrangement or preconstruction sales) or these rules;


Failing to provide the goods and services agreed to in a sales contract;


Using trust funds for non-trust purposes;


Failing to release trust funds to the rightful payee within 30 days of the date of request for release; or


Failing to comply with any other provision of ORS 97.923 (Definitions for ORS 97.923 to 97.949) to 97.949 (Notification by director to appropriate federal, state or local law enforcement officer of violation of ORS 97.923 to 97.949), or these rules.

Source: Rule 441-930-0290 — Unprofessional Conduct, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=441-930-0290.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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