OAR 461-191-0060


The department will conduct reviews, audits and other compliance monitoring as it deems appropriate to verify compliance with program requirements. OFB and recipient agencies will cooperate fully with the department in its compliance monitoring.


OFB shall require by contract and monitor their recipient agencies’ compliance with all program requirements including, but not limited to, eligibility determinations, food ordering procedures, storage and warehousing practices, inventory controls, approval of distribution sites, reporting and recordkeeping requirements and civil rights compliance..


If the department determines that OFB or their recipient agencies are not in compliance with applicable state or federal regulations, the department shall, within 30 working days of the close of the on-site evaluation, send OFB a corrective action notice that shall include at a minimum:


A description of the identified deficiency;


The possible causes of the deficiency;


The time frame within which that corrective action must be taken; and


Any requirements for documenting corrective action taken.


The department may take such remedial action as it deems appropriate including, but not limited to terminating its funding agreement with OFB and requiring repayment of partial or all program funding, if it determines (in its sole discretion) that the performance of OFB or any of its recipient agencies is deficient in any manner, including with respect to program requirements.


The department will provide adequate notice and opportunity for an appeal prior to a remedial action that terminates organizational eligibility for program funding for cause.


Appeals will be addressed to the assistant director or their designee whose decision may be further appealed to the department director.


Issuance of a deficiency notice shall not constitute a waiver of other remedies available to the department or preclude the department from exercising such other remedies available to it under the funding agreement or other program requirements, at law or otherwise.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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