OAR 462-140-0240


There shall be a minimum of two outriders. The outriders must be neat in appearance and must wear an approved helmet with the chin strap securely fastened and a safety vest approved by the stewards while on the track.


The leading outrider shall:


Be in charge of the post parade.


See to it that all jockeys and pony riders conduct themselves in a manner in conformity with the best interests of racing.


See to it that the post parade does not exceed the maximum time of 12 minutes, except for emergencies or with permission of the stewards.


Take special notice of all pony riders and jockeys to see that no illegal equipment is exchanged and that all conversation during the parade is held to a minimum.


Report to the stewards any unusual conduct that occurs during the parade.


Report to the stewards any participant in the parade who is not neatly attired.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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