OAR 462-210-0030
Establishing An Account


An established account is necessary to place account wagers. An account may be established at either an account wagering center or in-person at commercial race meet licensee facilities.


For establishing the account with an account wagering center an application form must be signed or otherwise authorized in a manner acceptable to the commission and include:


The applicant’s full legal name;


Principal residence address;


Telephone number; and


Any other information required by the commission.


Each application submitted will be subject to electronic verification with respect to name, principal residence address and date of birth by either a national, independent, individual reference service company or another technology which meets or exceeds the reliability, security, accuracy, privacy and timeliness provided by individual reference service companies. An account wagering center may require the applicant’s social security number to complete the verification process and for tax reporting purposes. If there is a discrepancy between the application submitted and the information provided by the electronic verification described above or if no information on the applicant is available from such electronic verification, another individual reference service may be accessed or another technology meeting the requirements described above may be used to verify the information provided. If these measures prove unsatisfactory, then the applicant will be contacted by the account wagering center and given instructions as to how to resolve the matter.


All account holder identities must be verified via electronic means or copies of other documents before a wager can occur.


Each account shall have an unique identifying account number. The identifying account number may be changed at any time by the account wagering center provided the account wagering center informs the account holder in writing prior to the change.


The applicant shall supply the account wagering center with an alpha-numeric code, to be used as a secure personal identification code when the account holder is placing an account wager. The account holder has the right to change this code at any time.


The account wagering center may not establish an account for any person whose principal residence address is not within the State of Oregon. The principal residence address shall be established by reliance on the information submitted on the application form provided and certified by the applicant.


The holder of the account shall receive at the time the account is approved:


Unique account identification number;


Copy of the account wagering rules and such other information and material that is pertinent to the operation of the account; and


Such other information as the account wagering center or commission may deem appropriate.


The account wagering center shall accept accounts in the name of a person only.
(7) Account access is nontransferable between persons except where a partnership agreement exists.


The account wagering center may close or refuse to open an account for what it deems good and sufficient reason, and shall order an account closed if it is determined that information that was used to open an account was false, or that the account has been used in violation of these rules.


The account wagering center shall provide all information requested by the Oregon Racing Commission within ten business days from the date a request is submitted, unless an extension is granted for good cause by either the Hub Manager or Executive Director.

Source: Rule 462-210-0030 — Establishing An Account, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=462-210-0030.

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