OAR 471-020-0010

As used in OAR 471-020-0010 (Definitions) to 471-020-0035 (Job Listings), unless the context requires otherwise:


“Accepted” means a job listing is reviewed and managed by authorized Employment Department or partner staff.


“Active Status” means a period beginning when an individual is eligible to receive and is being paid unemployment insurance benefits pursuant to OAR 471-030-0036 (Eligibility Factors), and ending at Saturday midnight of the third week following the week in which the most recent benefit payment was issued to the individual.


“Enrollment” means entry of information provided under ORS 657.159 (Claimants required to submit job qualifications to Oregon State Employment Service), 657.715 (Wagner-Peyser Act accepted), 657.720 (Cooperation with federal agencies, political subdivisions or private organizations in maintaining public employment service) or OAR 471-020-0020 (Claimant Reemployment Services) into the Business & Employment Services online job match system.


“Job attached” means:


An individual with a definite return-to-work date; or


An individual who obtains all work assignments through a closed union hiring hall.


“Matching process” means the process of comparing an individual’s knowledge, skills and abilities for referral to an employer’s job opening.


“Qualified” means the individual’s skills and experience meet or exceed the employer’s job requirements.


“Profiled” means the application of a ranking system, using criteria established in OAR 471-030-0034 (Reemployment Service Assistance and Eligibility), to establish the relative likelihood of a claimant exhausting the maximum benefit amount available in a benefit year.


“Reemployment Services” may include any of the services listed in ORS 657.156 (Reemployment service assistance)(1)(b) and includes subsidized employment.


“Stream” means an electronic transfer or exchange of information or data.


“Subsidized” means a job listing or employment that meets the requirements of ORS 411.892 (Employer eligibility).


“Suitable” means the factors listed in ORS 657.190 (Suitable work) and 657.195 (Suitable work).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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