OAR 543-020-0055

The following definitions apply to the terms used in this division:


“Government Information Services” means the physical collections, online resources and professional library staff that support the information needs of Oregon State Government


“Terms of Service” means the provisions that patrons consent to in order to access Government Information Services.


“State agency libraries and resource centers” include libraries, resource centers or any other entity housed within a state agency that supports the mission of the agency by selecting, purchasing, managing and sharing information resources.


“State agency library” does not include the State of Oregon Law Library, a county law library, or the State Archives


“Reference-related databases” means authoritative, informational resources in electronic format.


“Physical and digital subscription licenses” means serial publications in either print or electronic formats (such as a newspaper or journal) accessible for a designated period of time or for a prescribed number of successive issues.


“Reference-related databases or physical and digital subscription licenses” does not include:


Publications connected to professional association memberships


Software licenses


Free of charge subscriptions


Databases, information resources, subscription licenses or other services or resources provided by the State Archives;


Legal databases, legal information resources, legal subscription licenses or other law-related services or resources.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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