OAR 573-050-0040
Penalties for Offenses

Multiple violations may be cited for a single incident:


Failure to display valid permit: Fine $30.


Fraudulent display of permit: Fine $85.


Permit not affixed: Fine $25.


Improper permit: Fine $20.


Parking in disabled space: $450.


Overtime parking: Fine $25.


Blocking wheel chair ramp: Fine $100.


Improper parking: Fine $30.


Parking in reserved space: Fine $75.


Blocking traffic: Fine $50.


Boot vehicle: Fine $50.00


Abandoning a vehicle: Fine $100.


Meter permit expired: Fine $10. (Note: this violation is only for vehicles that purchased a meter permit that same calendar day. Vehicles displaying expired meter permits from previous days receive the $30.00 fine for having no permit displayed).


Failure to display a license plate or valid temporary license plate: $25.


A vehicle may be towed off campus property and impounded at the owner’s expense (including additional fines) under the following circumstances:


Any vehicle is causing imminent danger to people or University property;


Any vehicle is without a valid yellow, green, or red parking permit and has records of $100 or more in unpaid citations (may be towed or booted);


Any vehicle is left parked or standing in an area not normally used for parking, including parking on a sidewalk or on grass;


Any vehicle is improperly parked in a disabled space;


Any vehicle is blocking traffic, another vehicle, any door or fire exit, access to any trash container, fire lane, crosswalk, driveway, or it poses any other safety hazard (may also be cited for blocking traffic);


Any vehicle is determined to be abandoned on University property.


Vehicles in timed parking areas may be cited when their time parked exceeds the posted time limit. The vehicle may be cited again after double the posted time limit is exceeded.
EXAMPLE: In a 30-minute parking area, a vehicle may be cited after 30 minutes; again after a total of 90 minutes (including the first 30 minutes); again after 150 minutes and so forth. Timed parking is defined as “limited duration” meaning one-time parking per timed lot during a 24-hour period. Re-parking in the same lot constitutes continuous parking and the vehicle will be cited.


Vehicles parked in permit-required parking areas may be cited every eight hours, not to exceed three citations every 24 hours.


Other violations not defined by 1-15 above. $50


Depositing litter or debris on a University parking lot, roadway or bikeway. $50 (This includes discarding parking citations/envelopes on the ground).

Source: Rule 573-050-0040 — Penalties for Offenses, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=573-050-0040.

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