OAR 575-037-0005


“Public Safety Officer” includes the following public safety categories as defined in ORS181A.355:
(a) Corrections officer
(b) Fire service professional
(c) Parole and probation officer
(d) Police officer
(e) Reserve officer
(f) Youth correction officer


“Child of a public safety officer” is defined as:
(a) Natural child
(b) Adopted child
(c) Stepchild


“Death or permanent total disability suffered by a public safety officer while on or off duty” is defined by ORS 243.954 (Definitions for ORS 243.954 to 243.974).


“Eligible institution of higher education” is any Oregon community college, career school as defined in ORS 341.005 (Definitions for chapter), Oregon public university, Oregon Health and Science University, or Oregon-based private non-profit institution of higher education as defined in ORS 348.582 (Definitions).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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