OAR 575-050-0015

To be eligible for a loan under this program, a student must:


Be a full-time professional medical or dental student or undergraduate nursing student at the Oregon Health Sciences University or a full-time student in a veterinary program offered by Oregon State University.


Be a resident of Oregon as defined by OAR 575-050-0005 (Definitions)(9).


Have financial need computed by the needs analysis system adopted by the Commission.


Complete, execute, and deliver the required application which shall include a signed statement by the student consenting to the release of personally identifiable information to the Division and the Commission.


Submit the loan application prior to the final day of registration for the semester(s) or term(s) for which the loan is to be used, except as may be dictated by individual circumstances and approved by the Division and Commission.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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